Monday, 23 April 2012

Stars And Stripes

American flag clothing is sooo in at the moment so i have found the best items of clothing to rock this look !

1. This cute tee i found on for such a cheap price of £4.99! A great way to join this flag trend without breaking the bank.

2. These gorgeous statement shoes are the perfect at a price of £40.99 from you can walk all over this trend !

3. always know how to design a perfect pair of American flag shorts. These bad boys are at a price of £38.o0 and ill be such a great summer look!

4. Bralets are totally in this season and what better way to hit two trends at the same time than this American flag bralet from for £18.00.

5.  Patterned leggings have been a hit so far this year, so these American flag leggings will go perfectly with this hot new trend from for only £13.99.

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  1. Love the stars and stripes look!
    Great blog by the way, following you now :)
    Would love if you could check out mine sometime and maybe follow back if you like.