Friday, 22 February 2013

I'm Back!!

Sooooo this is my first post on here in which seems like forever ! I've decided to start the blog up again and hopefully post daily/weekly about fashion and make up :) I'm going to start off by giving my wish list for this week ! (Apologies for bad picture quality not too sure why they're like that)


1. The first item on my wish list are these gorgeous trousers by Topshop. I love the fact that are a light grey with a white lace pattern over the top! The price is a little steep at £42 but i would say are a great investment for spring ! They are bang on trend as matching sets are in this spring, i would love it if Topshop made a matching jacket to these trousers but unfortunately they have not yet. So these trousers are a way of adding that sophisticated suit look with out actually having to wear a suit ! I would team these trousers up withe a white blazer and a pair of black court shoes.

2. The second item on my wish list are these statement dark grey studded pumps also from Topshop. Studs have been 'in' for a while now and i cant see them fading out quickly. I actually purchased these shoes as i loved them so much and can happily say they are a great buy for £32. I originally bought a similar pair from but these shoes were flimsy and actually ended up falling apart, where as these shoes are sturdy and have a decent sole on them. These shoes literally can be teamed up with anything to add a little splash of rock chick glamour to any outfit. 

3. Black leather jackets have been around for ages now and I have personally had mine for way over a year, so i have been looking to buying a new one but as its cold in Britain at the moment i need something that was more than just a leather jacket. I found this beaut of coat on for £70, a little steep for a coat but it is an essential ! I love the fact that the coat has that added bit of glamour due to the fur collar. I went to purchase this jacket and was disappointed when i saw it had sold out in my size. 

4. I have wanted a pair of leather gloves for ages have found these ones also from River Island. I love the quilted design of the glove but i'm not a 100% sure on the tassel as i feel they may get a tad annoying ?  Investing in leather look gloves means no more cold hands and no more old gloves that have holes in! These gloves at £22 which is i suppose reasonable as they are 100% leather. 

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